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How to reach us


If you are arriving to the Tri-City by plane, at the airport get in the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway PKM towards Gdańsk Main. Get off at the station Gdańsk Strzyża. After descending from the platform, turn left and go straight for about 500 meters. Turn left at the crossing onto Frederic Chopin. Go straight 250 meters, then turn right onto Stanisława Moniuszki.


If you arrive by train to Gdansk purchase a ticket to the station Gdańsk Wrzeszcz. After leaving the train, change to the SKM Rapid Urban Railway towards Gdynia. Get off at the next station - Gdańsk Zaspa. After leaving the train, go up the stairs to the viaduct and turn right. Go down the stairs of the viaduct, go straight to Grunwaldzka Street, then turn left and reach the junction with Wojska Polskiego street. Turn right into Wojska Polskiego and go straight. Turn onto Stanislawa Moniuszki st. (first right).


If you're driving to Gdansk by the Tri-City bypass, take Gdańsk/Wrzeszcz exit. Go straight ahead Słowackiego street, until the vrossing of this street at the Baltic Gallery. Turn left into Grunwaldzka. Go straight to the next intersection. Turn left into Wojska Polskiego street (like twist trams), then turn right onto Stanislaw Moniuszki st. Park in our driveway, in front of the house or across the street. We kindly ask you not to park in front of houses of neighbors and not block their driveways. Thank you!

If you have any questions about directions, ticket prices, or would prefer to get to us by taxi - contact us, we will be more then happy to help!